Another false start ?

Okay, so you could call my previous blogpost a false start. Blogging is all about regular small updates, but I haven’t found the time in the year that just passed. Or rather, I always had something seemingly more urgent on my to-do list. But hey, blogging is that sort of activity that will always appear inferior to working on a paid article, reading one the many articles on my read-list, so if I don’t set myself some sort of target, this blog will never have a proper life, albeit an insignificant one. So I’ll try to post more regularly, regardless of how good a given post may be. Few people will read it anyway, but at least my hot take on random things will leave a digital trace for myself or others to read, now or later. This way I may feel less frustration when looking at this website that I never quite finished.

One big takeaway of my experience with podcasting – and this was actually one the reasons for doing it in the first place – was the satisfaction that I felt from forcing myself to release an episode even when I considered it imperfect. I still think that many episodes could have been far better with regards to editing, preparation, etc. It’s great to be a perfectionist, but eventually you can end up completing nothing, and setting yourself up for failure. What struck me the most when I got my first job was just how amateur the professional world really was. But in truth, good enough is just fine in most cases. Going forward is essential, and most often this means compromising on expectations. Forgive me for being Captain Obvious, but many people need to read this again and again. Just get shit done, at least you’ll have achieved something, and this is already more than many out there can say.

I was initially going to give a broader update on my current projects, but a blog post is all about keeping it short, so I’ll just leave you here. And most importantly, I’ll make sure to post again next month at the latest, and hopefully sooner. Have a great summer y’all !

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