These past few years I have been asked to speak about various subjects, mainly related to digital technologies and economics. In this section you will find some of these lectures, courtesy of their organizers.

Is Bitcoin the end of central banks ? (english)

In this lecture I tried to emphasize the role of currency in the realm of government control. The ability for people to opt-out of government currencies is the mother of all fights if we want the government to stop growing, and cryptocurrencies can achieve that. But they face many obstacles, as history showed what happens to proponents of free currencies.

This talk was given on Aug. 19th 2019, during an international summer university organized by the Institute for Economic Studies.

IES Summer University 2019 : “the end of central banks ?” panel – Pierre Schweitzer

What can the law do about big tech companies (a.k.a. GAFA) ?

In short : not too much, but it’s better this way. I gave this talk during a yearly national event called “The night of law” on Oct. 4th 2018, in the Aix-en-Provence justice courthouse, which is a very intimidating palace. As it should, some might say…

Pierre Schweitzer – Nuit du Droit 2018

Liberté, Egalité, Bitcoin !

What is Bitcoin in a nutshell ? What importance does it have in the broader history of monetary systems ? Can it achieve anything ? This talk was given on Feb. 8th 2018 in front of a selected audience of Le Point‘s readers. I explained why I think Bitcoin is a true monetary revolution with a highly disruptive long-term potential.

Pierre Schweitzer – Conférence Le Point “Liberté, Egalité, Bitcoin !”
A recent issue of Le Point, one of the leading weekly news magazine.

Individual and social economic analysis of video-gaming

Is there a way to measure the value generated by video-gaming ? Aside from the individual value that players experience – as measured imperfectly in GDP – I argue that there are positive externalities, despite all the bad press on violence in video-games.
This lecture was part of a roundtable, which itself was part of a festival of sciences in the city, in june 2019. Not my best talk in terms of oral expression, but hey, we all have bad days !

Festival du jeu de l’oie 2019 (website screenshot)

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